vendredi 27 juillet 2007

Google will become a bank

To whom interrested in google architecture; have a look to this post.

Google operates 450.000 machines (BNPP operates 5000 servers), mastering all the hardware and software stack...
What amazes me the most is probably what is called the 'darwinian' algo. :
if you have a long task to launch, launch it several times in // on differents machines, get the result from the quickest one and kill the other running tasks...

Having said that, here is my bet on google's future:

  • google is going to propose to host production sites, providing the fact they are the only ones on earth to operate such a wide cluster.
  • existing companies are going to outsource their production to google; new companies will be first to jump.
  • machines, networks, apps will be operated from within google datacenters
  • this move might occur with an indirection level: software providers, such as Oracle, SAP might propose bundled hosted app relying on google's infrastructure
  • Salesforce (leader in the hosted CRM market) is a perfect example of this; needless to say google will probably try to acquire it (this partnership is already engaged between the 2 companies)
Ultimaltely, google with become a Bank and host companies and people data pretty much as traditional Banks are keeping safe our money, and providing us with credit cards to use it.
Technically speaking, they is no reason why this won't happen (in fact that has already started), The only stopper is currently the level of trust and confidence one have in google.
Trust will then be the most valuable thing google is going to acquire in the next years.
Once trust will reach a critical level, everyone will jump in without any resistance.


Google will become a competitor to BNPParibas in the coming years.
They will continue to draw people and market attention at an exponential rate; in // day to day life will become more and more digital; the conjunction of this two factors makes google a clear winner.
  • BNPParibas can fight back:
  • propose to its customers (corporate or consumers) some storage services, hosting services, technical services
  • reeinforce BNPParibas' presence in the digital world, open a "second life" subsidiary
  • open WIFI access points in every local agency
  • With any new bank account provide, a mail, a blog, a video space, unlimited storage on BNPP servers, and sponsorize a mobile PC and an internet access
  • your suggestion here...

Last question : when will this happen ?

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